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Lung Immunity Probiotic

Now Only: $25. —(Free Shipping.)




Now Only: $25. —(Free Shipping.)

Directions: Take one tablet per day.* Each bottle contains a 30-day supply. 

Lung Immunity Probiotic is a formulation containing a robust strain of good bacteria, Lactobacillus plantarum plus a proprietary blend of lipopolysaccharides and polypeptides, developed by a renowned group of researchers connected to The University of Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe.

Product Highlights:

Supports your body's immune response to lung pathogens.* Sourced from plant based ingredients grown in Europe for best quality. Gluten free, responsibly sourced, vegan, non-GMO, non-allergenic, bottled in glass for mother earth. Safe to take with any other probiotic at the same time. 

Product highlights

✔︎1.5 billion low pH resistant CFU ✔︎Vegan ✔︎All-natural ✔︎No lactose ✔︎No gluten ✔︎No soy ✔︎Non-bloating ✔︎Shelf stable (does not require refrigeration) ✔︎Non-GMO ✔︎Non-caloric ✔︎Allergen-Free. May be taken safely with antibiotics.


The goodsugar™ Lung Immunity Probiotic is a proprietary blend of a vegan probiotics, lipopolysaccharides and polypeptides. It was developed by a renowned team of Bulgarian researchers (connected to The University of Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe). Supports your body's immune response to lung pathogens.*


A wide variety of microbial species are used in food and feed production. Some have a long history of apparent safe use. The FDA has classifications for products that are generally considered safe (GCS) and that have “Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS).” This product meets the criteria for both. The probiotic cells in this formula are from the Lactobacillus plantarum family. My probiotic products are sourced, grown and cultivated in a facility in Bulgaria. MORE ⇢

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