Personal Stories

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Marcus Antebi vs. Brian Robertson 2005 Mulberry Street Fights

Shown here: Me having an enjoyable conversation with the amazing Brian Roberston. This was a title fight in 2005 for the 140lb. WKA Belt. I lost by decision. What a blast. New York City on a Friday night.

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Mr. Bill Skydive Dive 1995: My Favorite Jump

That little speck falling away from the other little speck under his parachute was me! This photo was taken in 1995 over DeLand, Florida.

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My Passion Has Always Been Exercising Consistently: My Athletic Journey

Evidence points to the benefit of a lifestyle that includes intense exercise at least 3 or 4 days a week. This is subjective and proportionate to individual abilities, but as long as we’re trying hard every day, that’s what I mean by intense! Work hard and challenge your body. Create great routines and habits. These habits will carry us through in hard times. There is evidence that working out and physically exerting ourselves everyday will reduce the risk of many degenerative diseases.