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Meditation & Suffering

If we teach each other to find meditation, we can lessen some of the suffering in the world. 

There are cycles of suffering. In my meditations I sometimes think of suffering in the physical world. Considering the possibilities of random things and chaos, it may always be difficult for some creatures. Those creatures will push suffering on to other things. Maybe this world can be classified as the realm of pain and suffering (for some). 

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Meditation and Compassion

I can’t meditate on the universe and its structure because I don’t need that right now at the stage of life I’m in. I need to meditate on compassion. So right down here on this planet earth, wherever my feet are stuck in this mud, being stuck in the mud on purpose or not, I need to be a good earthling. 

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Eddie Stern Gave Me The Okay To Write About Meditation!

I felt as though I needed the blessings of a person who dedicated their life to the practice and teaching of Yoga, meditation, and related studies. Eddie Stern is one such person. I have great deal of respect for his practice. (He's also a good sport, great person, stylish, and he's f***ing funny.)

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Meditation: Chase The Light

An introductory meditation practice starts bright and early in the morning: Right when you wake up, even before you open your eyes and possibly get distracted by something.

Lay flat on your back in bed with your eyes closed and begin conscious deep breathing. Try to get through five cycles without being distracted, drawing in the maximum breath and exhaling everything. Focus your attention to the center of your forehead. Imagine a bright light being right there if you can’t see this light

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Meditation is So Easy (Supports Part 6 of The goodsugar Diet™)

We could look to almost anyone to teach us something about reality. Does it matter where they’re from? Whether you’re a monkey from the Himalayas or a bus driver in a big city, you have to keep an open mind and make sure that you let everyone teach you great lessons.

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Why Starting Meditation May be Hard

Once you get it down, meditation feels like every euphoric substance on earth but with no negative side effects. But the first and most difficult stage is getting around to doing it. 

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The Big Breakthrough With Meditation

The biggest breakthrough I had regarding understanding meditation came when I had the revelation that meditation was not a spiritual practice - rather, it was a mental practice.

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Meditation is Easy

Meditation is a fancy word for the act of controlling where the consciousness is flowing. It isn’t a means to close in on a problem that you’d like to solve and working it out in your mind. If you’re doing that, you’re in contemplation. In fact, you may be in an obsessive thought, which is not meditation. Meditation isn’t going on a space journey where you allow yourself to wander throughout the cosmos and wonder about the existence of God. This is a contemplative state of mind, which is not the true focus and meaning of meditation.