Juicing & Smoothies

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Juice Is Great!

In the modern world, we are not getting enough of the material that we were optimally designed to consume: plants. Drinking juice is much like giving ourselves a very potent salad.

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Start With Ginger, End With Ginger

You can get many benefits from eating cooked ginger, but eating it in its raw form—unchanged and pure—is best. I often drink a large amount of ginger juice, have a healthy snack or meal, and then have a moderate amount of ginger afterwards.

For best results at the goodsugar™ shot flight bar: start with ginger, end with ginger.

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Juice Cleanses Are Effective

I recommend that a person juice fast as often as once a month for two to three days as a discipline. Over time, durations can be longer.

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Juice Fasting, A Comprehensive Explanation

Drinking juice and maintaining a sensible diet that excludes processed food is a critical step toward optimal health.